As one of Alabama’s oldest family-owned community banks, our focus has always been on building relationships and serving our friends and neighbors in the Wiregrass. We believe success lies in being a true friend to our employees, our customers, and our community, and this belief is reflected in our core values:







To help friends save wisely, spend prudently, and borrow cautiously.




Our philosophy on banking
is really quite simple.
Banking is a business of friendships.
And while our philosophy is simple,
our mission is profound.
Be a true friend.
Be a true friend to our employees.
Be a true friend to our customers.
Be a true friend to our community.
This is our roadmap to success, true,
but more importantly, this is
our roadmap to significance.
Be a true friend.
Always be loyal.
Always be dependable.
Always be faithful.
Always be genuine.
Always be compassionate.
Always be understanding.
Always be kind.
Always be true.
Our business is not a square box
of accounts.
Ours is a circle of friends.
And to these friends,
we will always, always be true.




Banking True To You

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