Paul Kennedy Farm Family of the Year Award


Since 2017 the Geneva County Outstanding Farm Family of the Year Award has been named in memory of Mr. Paul Kennedy. Paul Kennedy spent his entire career in farming and agricultural businesses. He was a passionate advocate for the farming community which was the driving reason he helped establish City Bank of Hartford. He believed that a farmer needed a banker who understood the cyclical nature of farming and who could speak their language. He was always open to new adventures—he ran a cotton gin, an auction barn, a feed and fertilizer business and an auto parts store. He raised cattle, hogs, catfish, tilapia and all the stray dogs that people abandoned near his farm. He grew cotton, peanuts, soybeans, corn, sorghum, and pine trees. He truly cared about the local farmers and wanted them to be successful. Even in the last days of his life he would look across a field white with cotton or one with peanuts drying in the sun and say, “I believe the farmers are going to be alright this year.” You knew he wasn’t just referring to the money on the ground but to the lives that had been poured into it.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to the following recipients.


Watkins Family Farms


Scott Farms


Crutchfield Farms

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