Friend Bank Giving Tree


Dothan, AL      Friend Bank, located at 3105 Ross Clark Circle, across the street from Krispy Kreme, had the opportunity to participate with the Dothan Rescue Mission this year in helping to provide a Christmas for their residents.

This task was accomplished by the use of our Friend Bank Giving Tree.  As our customers came into the bank each day they excitedly took a card from our tree. The cards were all different and defined a specific item which was requested by each child. There were also cards which represented items needed for the mission to carry out its daily routine of helping others.

At the end of our event, twenty-two men, four women, and three children received Christmas gift items they personally requested.
Friend Bank counted it a privilege that the Dothan Rescue Mission allowed them to be a part of an event that represented the true meaning of Christmas… a “giving” event.

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